Ceramic Infrared Heaters

We are a prominent Ceramic Infrared Heaters Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier based in India. The Ceramic Infrared Heater is manufactured from high grade material, sourced from dependable vendors. Backed by a state-of-art infrastructure coupled with well trained manpower we guarantee repeated accuracy in the production of all the Ceramic Infrared Heaters. We offer a durable range of Ceramic Infrared Heaters at pocket friendly prices.

Construction of Ceramic Infrared Heaters
  • The element wire, is embedded in glazed refractory which protects the wire from atmosphere to get longer life
  • In normal operating condition the life of the Ceramic Infrared Heaters for most application would be well in excess of 10,000 Hrs. of 80% power
  • Available with built in Thermocouple "J" or "K" type
  • HSC : Curved Surface
  • HSF : Flat Surface
  • Easy fixing : Heaters are supplied with kit of spring for fixing.
  • Operating Voltage : 230V to 440V
  • Working Temperature : 300o C to 700o C
  • Wattage Densities : 1.1 w/square cm to 6.8 w/square cm.
  • Recommended radiation distance : 100mm to 200mm
  • Paper Industries : Drying of paper pulp, paper glue, paper coating.
  • Textile Industries : Drying op Finished textile, Garments, carpets.
  • Paint Industries : Stoving for Car bodies epoxy. Lacquer steel Panels
  • Plastic Industries : Thermoforming & Vacuum forming, Lamination & Welding of Plastics.
  • Rubber Industries : Preheating & vulcanizing of rubber sheets
  • Screen Printing : Ink drying


Size Voltage Wattage (W)
245 mm X 60 mm HSC 230 650
245 mm X 60 mm HSC 230 1000
120 mm X 60 mm HSC 230 350
120 mm X 60 mm HSC 230 500
120 mm X 120 mm HSF 230 500
120 mm X 120 mm HSF 230 1000
HSC : Curved Surface.
HSF : Flat Surface.